8tracks 4.0 (early access)

Internet radio created by people, not algorithms

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For anyone interested, Techcrunch gave the new site an awesome review here: techcrunch.com/2015/07/15/8tracks-updates-web-player-with-sleek-new-design-and-better-recommendations/


Moshe Cotacallapa
@frankmoshe · Traveler. Scientist.
I'm fan of 8tracks!
David Porter
We wanted to invite you to have early access to our new website, but please remember this is a beta version. :) If you do find any bugs, please share them with us at contact[at]8tracks.com so we can zap them! Thanks for your interest and support!
Steph Palmeri
@stephpalmeri · Principal, SoftTech VC
Love 8Tracks. Algorithms can do what 8Tracks community does. My go to for workout mixes and more
I've been listening to the 8tracks ios app for several months and I really like it. I'd be happy to beta-test this!
Antoine Marguerie
@antoinem · Digital Product Designer
very nice update, thanks!