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8tracks is one of the few music destinations I visit regularly. I'm particularly fond of explore which allows you to search for music playlists based on 2 or more tags (my favorite: hip hop + jazz). Yesterday they launched a major update to their iOS app.
@rrhoover The sense of community within the site and app is one of the main reasons I listen. I like that I can get to know who made the playlist and see the comments from others on what they enjoy! My favorite explore? morning + happy + upbeat
I've been a huge fan of 8tracks for quite a while now. They are also really good about working with developers who use their api. Now, if they would just add a chromecast option to their app...
@jscheel the Chromecast support for the iOS is on the way ;-)
My top music app on my phone. Love the customized playlists!
I'm also a big fan. A great place to find good mashups. I'm also looking forward to the release of their new mac os app!