Find your soulmate. Take 5 mins to answer these questions.

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Nice concept. Killing idea of domain name.
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Well, being on PH is one of the requirements for my soulmate. So this might work...
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«8^8 is not yet available in your country [=Switzerland] at this time. Hopefully a translated version will be available soon.» Huh? That doesn't make sense. Let me do the test in English, I think I can handle that.
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Indeed @davidbauer! Why limit the service to localized versions? Seems quite odd.
"DO NOT take the 8^8 test while drunk, stoned, sleep-deprived, or in an extreme emotional state. The results may not reflect your true self and you could end up matched with someone who is like you when you are wasted." Noted. I'm sober, answering questions now...
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Just took the test, Intriguing concept! Curious to know how the questions were framed though - several of them seem to address the general point of your outlook on life. If someone finds a soulmate in a couple of months, please report back!
@manasvinik Exactly what I was going to say. It's smart though. You are not defined by the pages you like on Facebook, your favorite color, or anything futile like this.