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How to get the most out of next year

#4 Product of the DayDecember 28, 2016
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Even if you don't get through the entire thing, read the first 10 pages. It'll remind you that you're in control of your life and get you thinking of the story you want to write for yourself for 2017.
As a huge proponent of quantified self and lifestyle design, I'm all over this. Looking forward to reading through later today 🙌
@jakeapeters took the words out of my mouth!
A pretty amazing outline for your goals for the upcoming year and road to achieving the most of them! While there, if you're into "quantified self lifestyle", check out the rest of Alex's page - full of awesome tips.
Good stuffs. Do require some deep reading!
Awesome, I have this and http://yearcompass.com/ printed out from last year!