Advising where to go next, based on where you are now

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Hello there! Today I like to show you guys my latest product, which I've build in cooperation with my girlfriend Simone. 7places: Advising where to go next, based on where you are now. It's an advice tool which uses the Instagram community. By selecting a venue you like, the tool recommends you 7places to go to. Great to discover venues in new cities, or even in your own city! I've found multiple new great coffee bars and restaurants in Amsterdam (where I live) using this tool. Check out the site, or get advice via our Telegrambot (http://telegram.me/sevenplaces_bot) (which is still undergoing development). Special thanks to @bentossell, @bramk and @milann for giving early feedback. Let me now what you guys think! Looking forward to your feedback!
@ernstmul Upvote for Lot 61 as your thumbnail ;)
@ybeloc haha thanks!
@ernstmul no worries! To be actually helpful, my feedback: - I think the filters should be closer to the content, I didn't notice them immediately. Especially mobile the icons are quite small and easy to miss! - In the about section you use the word 'advice' twice, when it should be 'advise' - You have the user's instagram account under the main images, I'm sure a click through to their account would be appreciated. - When I click on a place are all of the 7 recommendations taken from the same Instagram user? I'm friends with @polabur so recognise a few of them as hers, perhaps a mention/clickthrough to instagram on the detail page would also be good. - The custom markers on the map are pixelated for me. - I can't move the map to better see where the markers are located, I guess this is to stop the scrolling issue on mobile. This is jus a few things that stuck out to me on first glance. Nice one though!
@ybeloc Thanks for the great feedback! In reply to the points you've mentioned: - Yes, that is absolutely true. We are working on how to optimize that in the small space that we have on mobile. - whoops! Thanks for being thorough! - That one is high on the priority list - No, but it can happen. The algorithm selects the venues which seems to be that best based on multiple factors. In some cases the algorithm comes across a user with great taste, and it will pick almost the entire advice based on their feed. @polabur is such an example, which results in a great advice. - They are not supposed to, we'll look into that! - Yep, that is exactly the reason why scrolling is blocked. I'll fiddle with the zoom level for a bit, to ensure the experience is better.
@ybeloc and don't forget to get your own custom advice via 7places.co/advice ;-)