Social performance management tool

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We've been using 7Geese for a while and I'm a huge fan. The addition of their new iOS app is HUGE and we've found that it's a great way to improve communication throughout the company. Keep up the great work!
I came across this tool when it was mentioned in the article I added to the "Related Links", where @shl talked about how Gumroad is using it: "To encourage people to give their co-workers feedback, Lavingia urges them all to express their opinions, make suggestions, and review performance within the 7Geese tool. This ensures that important feedback doesn't get lost or forgotten — it makes it available in a chronological record that people can go back to to see what they should do better or how they've improved."
We recently started using 7Geese to manage OKRs (objectives + key results), and so far it's very usable! The functionality is great, even if there are some clunky / unnecessary filters at the top of the page that could likely be moved further down. Looking forward to seeing how they continue to improve the tool.