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Nathan Bashaw
Nathan BashawHunter@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
I first learned about 750 Words at some point in college, and it has so many original and thoughtful little touches that it was a big moment for me where I realized I wanted to make software. The homepage is unorthodox, basically a short note explaining the concept behind the site: a daily brain dump zone for writers. The writing interface itself really made an impression on me, too. The whole screen is one white page and there is no text box. Now we have Medium, and everyone takes this kind of design for granted, but at the time Wordpress and Tumblr were state of the art, and everything lived in a small box on the screen. More than any one feature or function of the site, I think the obvious craft and soul you can feel when you used it is what attracted me to it. It didn't feel like every other app on the internet, it felt much more thoughtful. Like software was something that a single individual could lovingly create.
BusterMaker@buster · Author, PM
@nbashaw Thanks for the kind words! It's one of those projects that made itself. And, despite very few changes over the last few years, it keeps growing. I'm also excited to see some of the ideas around making a better writing experience take off in other products.
Winnie Lim
Winnie Lim@wynlim · storyteller @ stellar.org
I had a 100 day streak and multiple 30 day streaks. Forcing myself to write 750 words every morning was a revelation for me. It is amazing how much we don't really know ourselves. And yes, it had that minimal interface way before Medium ever did. <3 the work, @buster and @kellianne.
Kellianne@kellianne · Community Director, 750words
@wynlim Thanks, Winnie! I remember the very day Buster decided that he should write an app with a smooth clean slate for emptying thoughts. Never did we expect we would continue to write on that very slate for this long, or with such an awesome community. We are so glad we have!