How 70 million Americans with records get hired

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Hi, folks, and thanks for taking a look at our site. There are 70 million Americans with criminal records--1 in 3 adults--and they pretty much all experience pain in finding a job. We've built the first job board for the formerly incarcerated. Thanks again for your time.
Thank you for doing this work. It's so incredibly important to our collective success to bring our incarcerated citizens back into the workforce and into productive roles in society. Keep it up!
@alextapper Thanks very much for your support!
Congratulations Richard! This is a phenomenal initiative!
@nikhilmantha Thank you. Very kind of you to say.
Well done Richard - this is without a doubt one of the most crucial agendas facing our country today. Rooting for you!
@jayreno Thanks, Jay. I appreciate your kind words