70mai Dash Cam Pro

Smart Dashcam with safety features πŸ“ΉπŸš—

70mai Dash Cam Pro is an in-car DVR featured multiple functions to promote safer driving experience.

βœ… Parking Surveillance

βœ… Advanced Driver-Assistance System

βœ… Superb Day and Night Vision

βœ… APP Enabled, Easy Play Back and Download

βœ… Compact Design

βœ… 3-minute Installation

βœ… Voice Control

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They do sell this camera also as English version but it is a lie. I just bough mine and it is all in Chinese and very little explanation and of course in Chinese. Avoid
Adrian KwiatkowskiAdrian Kwiatkowski
@bob1 bought mine on Banggood and it's in English so just read carefully before you buy :)
Richard DanielDashcam and autogadget CEO/expert
Good hardware but firmware for IMX335 (like i see on video source) is not so good. Bitrate for 1990p with h265 codec is 16mbit/s and not fixed