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I wrote this book to bring actionable behavioral science to CRO. The 7 principles I cover include the Paradox of Choice, Micro-Commitments, and Reactance Theory, and include screenshots from real ecommerce sites to illustrate the application.
Looks very handy. Just curious-- what's the most common mistake you see online retailers or ecommerce companies make?
@fishstix312 There are 2 that come to mind as being super common. One is offering too many options, where retailers don't realize they are exhausting the "cognitive budget" of the shopper, not leaving them enough mental energy to complete their purchase. Another is trying to close a big sale without building in a Micro-Commitment to smooth the way. Getting a small "yes" first is way easier than trying to bridge to a big "yes" in the someone's first/only visit.
@drjenniewong @fishstix312 Are you able to give a real world example of a "mirco-commitments?"
@sharonvagley @fishstix312 For sure - the classic micro-commitment is subscribing to your email list prior to making a purchase. But a micro-commitment could also be watching a video before downloading an app. It's any action that is significantly less of a commitment than the ultimate conversion goal.
Jennie, does this work for any type of online purchase (tickets, hotels, cars, etc), or is it retail focused?
@goforwes Yes, this book is really about the psychology of conversion. Any time you are optimizing for a user decision, these principles will be relevant, even vital! #CRO
There are other books out there on increasing online sales, but I think our screenshot examples add a lot of value. Those graphics, and all the visual elements of this book, are thanks to @mariawrighter.
So happy to see this book on Product Hunt. @drjenniewong is an absolute expert on this stuff!
@stewmarketing Thanks! High praise coming from a growth hacker like you.