7 Seconds

600+ dumb and crazy challenges to face within 7 seconds

Hello hunters,
To give you joy and excitement during this difficult time we came up with our best ideas to create an amazing party app to play with your friends. You have 7 seconds to succeed. Ready ?
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Hello Hunters, We hope that our app will delight you ! If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section or send us an email at hello@bayana.club Have a great day
I love the idea of this, but I absolutely hate the use of the word “retard.” Surely we could have done better than that for Product Hunt?
@tyler_york yes and good feedback, potentially product saving feedback as people in my generation... no clue what the hell generation im in at 35, use retard with friends not in a disparaging or meaning to be hateful to those with intellectually disabilities sort of way but friendly rude kinda thing . So in the DSM V I think is the first time we stopped using retarded in any sort of medical terminology as well, now it is intellectually disabled. So important to highlight that but also balance that with going to PC to where, and im not saying you are doing this, we have to be horrifically careful with each word we say lest our careers and lives get ruined by mobs of turtle neck wearing social justice warriors who save the world by clicking like on facebook and patting themselves on the back as if they rescued a child from a death camp. So I would reccomend just changing retard with something like... Dumbass, or something.
Great tool during the lockdown! Congrats on the launch!
Its look great idea. but background or text styles not good looking for me.
hey ı think link is broken ?