Hello, everyone - I'm Ryan Castillo, the author. And thanks to whoever posted the pic of money :) "7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers" is my first product and book. It's been quite the learning experience! I wrote this book because I noticed a pattern amongst freelancers. They would have weeks of zero revenue and be okay with it. And I understood. I was the same way when I started out freelancing. There have been several products that have been instrumental in me getting this out the door: Just F*ing Ship It, ConvertKit, Draft, and Ulysses App. I'll post those to PH after I'm done writing this :) My process for promoting the book has been a combination of blog posts and a newsletter. The following is my workflow: 1. Find a question that someone needs help with (usually r/freelance). 2. Leave an answer in the form of a comment. 3. Write an email to documents@ that expands on that question/answer. 4. Finalize the article in draft and ask my copyeditor to look it over. 5. Merge my copyeditor's changes. 6. Publish the article to my WordPress site via draft's publish feature. 7. Give the Draft on WP another look over and hit publish. 8. ConvertKit reads my blog's RSS feed and creates a newsletter "broadcast" draft out of new entries. 9. I make some additional edits to make the article more email friendly and send it off to my subscribers to read and hopefully share :) For writing and editing the book it was a much more involved process of copying and pasting between Draft and Ulysses App. Some tips I have for Draft are to keep your chunks of text around 1,000 words. Anything too big messes up the alignment in the edit view. I loved Ulysses the ability to shuffle around sections. It's iCloud feature also allowed me to constantly switch writing between my iMac and Air. It also has a TimeMachine feature that saved me this morning ;) Regarding future plans? We'll see. This has taken A LOT of work. But at least I finally have something out there that I can call my own. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer all of them.
@rmcastil Also I use Gumroad. Have no idea how I could have forgotten to give a shout out to gumroad. Maybe it's because it's so easy to use that I forget about it...
I read an early release of this book and it's fantastic. It's really easy to fall into the "got to get the next client" trap of feast and famine freelancing and this book both presents better ways for you to handle jobs, but also to make things better for your clients. Buying it is an absolute no brainer - if you're able to apply the tiniest piece of knowledge in the book you'll have paid for it a 100X over.