7 Questions

Interviewing CEOs and Founders, asking the same 7 questions

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Thanks a lot @_JackSmith for hunting us! Much appreciated! We interview the CEOs and founders of startups of differing sizes with 7 simple questions. They short, easy to read and (hopefully) insightful interviews from a broad range of people from across the globe. Any questions, just ask 😎
Who do you decide who to interview? Would be good to get a lot more diversity on there!
@bentossell So far it has been a case of emailing founders on Product Hunt, BetaList etc. In terms of diversity, don't worry, we've noticed! We'd love to get a far more diverse range of people of all ages, genders and race. For some reason, we're struggling to attract female founders. But anyone can apply to be interviewed by dropping us an email: https://7questions.co/contact/
@darrenmoore488 @bentossell yeah, 1 out of 27 (in the screenshot anyway) isn't very representative... that's pretty awful. I generally appreciate what you're trying to do, but getting a diverse range of participants is critical to making this project worthwhile. I also suggest that it'll take more effort than a "hey female founders! go fill out our form!" approach. It's going to take some real effort, but IMO it'll pay off. You might take a look at @helena's Techies project for inspiration.
@chrismessina @bentossell @helena The form was put in the comment above simply to attract any one who wants to apply to be interviewed. The point I was making however was that we have not discriminated against any type of person and have emailed a lot of female founders along with male founders. The difference, for whatever reason, is that male founders have responded. Presumably Product Hunt should also be actively targeting women to comment more seeing as 100% of the comments currently are from males? Sorry to rant, but of all the things we were expecting to be said about 7 Questions, it certainly wasn't that we were being discriminative.
@darrenmoore488 @bentossell I'm not trying to shame/blame you—I should have started by congratulating you on your launch! Perhaps a better way to offer this feedback would be to say that: 1) Great work! Would love to hear from a diversity of voices now that you're live! 2) Man, it can really be tough to get a diversity of folks to participate in stuff like this...! Here's one place you might look for inspiration... [link to Techies project] I don't take back my feedback, but I could have offered it more constructively.
@chrismessina @bentossell Feedback appreciated obviously and I hope you can understand my defensiveness. Thanks for taking the time to comment!
Love 7 Questions was lucky enough to be interviewed by the team for my startup Task Pigeon. In particular I like the short, yet informative questions they use. Would be interested in hearing what your long term plans for the platform are?
@pvptowers It was built initially to fill a personal need. I wanted to learn about founders and their stories but with a short, snappy interviews. In terms of plans for the future, we want to attract more and more bigger, well known names and brands to the platform to hopefully encourage traffic to grow. Once traffic is at a level worth talking about, we may look at having sponsors on the interviews. What we don't want to do is treat certain interviews with more importance than others (through paid bumps for example).
Kinda Dope🚬 I am a fan of the format it remind of Lifehackers "How I work"
@dredurr Thanks Deandre! Much appreciated
Good job! a lot more interviews than the last time i checked 😎
@polo2ro Ha yeah! Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed Paul