7 Minute Chat

Chat Roulette for iPhone

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Founder here! We developed 7 Minute Chat to quickly connect you with someone for 7 minutes anonymously. You want to keep the conversation going, share contact info and keep going. Not interested in communicating more? Just wait for the 7 minutes to expire and move on to the next person. We believe that within 7 minutes you can feel the interest of a chat either grow or perish. Play 10 questions, vent or praise. Talk about your job, politics or just life. Stay anonymous or grow the relationship. No photos, video or log in. Just chat.
I love this idea, any chance to connect people w/ same language? I numbed into someone can't speak English.
Yeah! Lot of people from Brazil there now ))) We will try to make geolocation match in next version. Thx for your feedback :)
Funny idea, good luck!
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