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Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Sounds like 15five. Would be good to get screenshots
Miles Burke
Miles BurkeMaker@milesb · Founder, 6Q
@_jacksmith Hi Jack, yes, you're right. Funny really, we built the prototype in a hackday, started fleshing it out, and then I found 15five. Oh well, the more the merrier I say. Good idea re: screenshots. We've started being found a little earlier than we originally planned, so scrambling a little to keep up with inquiries and interest now. A good problem to have, I guess. :) Thanks for your thoughts!
Miles Burke
Miles BurkeMaker@milesb · Founder, 6Q
Thank you so much for your interest in our humble startup.
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
@milesb Sure thing! So why did you settle on 6 questions? Isn't that too few? Or am I misunderstanding the app?
Miles Burke
Miles BurkeMaker@milesb · Founder, 6Q
@v4violetta Thanks Violeta for the question. The point of only six questions is that by making it really short and quick to respond, we encourage more feedback, weekly. Leaders (org admins) can change the questions every week if they wish, so they use an agile quick process to dig down into issues or ideas.
Hung Pham
Hung Pham@hungvpham
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