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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2020
Post your remote tech job at 6nomads to receive applications from verified candidates. 6nomads is a job platform with 700+ engineers and designers who passed a 3-step assessment and proved their skills. The first job post is free 😎
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Hi, Product Hunt! It's hard to decide what we like more: new features in our service or show them off here. It probably works perfectly in a complex:) So, to the point: now you can post your jobs at 6nomads! It seems that job boards for remote jobs are not an innovation, but! We deliberately put it off until we can do it in a qualitatively new way. And today β€” we can. 3 reasons to post your job on 6nomads: 1. Verified candidates. There are over 700 remote engineers and product designers on our platform who passed a 3-step assessment and proved their technical skills β€” you won't find them on regular job boards. 2. Relevant talent. Your job post will be visible to candidates that match your requirements so you won't have to sink into a sea of irrelevant CV's. 3. Price. We are so happy about this new stage of our service that we want to share our joy with everyone, so... post your first job for free! Not bad, right? Waiting for your jobs (and upvotes;)!
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Yes, finally someone made that boards easy to use with verification function. Thank you for that!
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Awesome idea!
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Could you explain the "3-step assessment" process? What exactly do the engineers have to do to become verified?
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@kieranmcgrady thanks for this question! To become verified you need to: 1. Solve a programming quiz (~15 min) Take a role-specific quiz that will prove your knowledge. 2. Take the coding challenge (~60 min) Because we value your skills, not your CV. 3. Record a 3-minute video(~5 min) We've pre-recorded 3 simple questions for you to answer.
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