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6nomads is a platform for engineers and product designers who are looking for a full-time remote job in a tech company. We select the best talents around the world and match them with fast-growing tech startups.
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Hey everyone! It's Denis, founder of 6nomads — a platform where tech startups hire the best remote engineers and designers. This is why I decided to create a product for remote community: 1. I believe that the future of work is remote. And not only me — knowing how many awesome projects for remote jobs were built recently. Like Remote Ok by @levelsio and Remotive Jobs by @rdutel. They help the best companies to hire the best talents instead of tying their search to one location. No office means no limits. I know that from my personal experience as a startup founder. I made mistakes but I learn from them and I'm sharing them in our blog to make other founders believe in themselves and in their power to build and manage remote development teams. 2. Talent is equally distributed. Opportunity is not. Talented engineers live in Ukraine, Spain, South Africa, and any other country while top tech companies are concentrated in Silicon Valley and a few other tech hubs. Companies should understand that the biggest trend now is freedom — of choices, of movement, of lifestyle — that only remote work could give. That's the only way to hire and keep the best people in your team. 3. Traditional recruiting is no longer fit for tech companies. Candidates still have to browse hundreds of jobs, create CVs, fill out insanely long and ugly forms, complete a 10-step interview process with the same depersonalized questions to receive "Sorry but our company can't offer you a job this time". We added a pinch of agile technology to recruitment to make it less frustrating for both sides. Now we run "Hiring sprints": every 2 weeks we select 6 great candidates and match them with tech companies with relevant remote vacancies. Companies have only 2 weeks to interview, choose and hire talents. Within this short period of time engineers and designers are receiving up to 5 offers from tech startups instead of wasting time on irrelevant communication with recruiters. Our aim is to create a sustainable platform for remote job search where reliable talents and companies will meet each other and build the future together. We've only started our journey and we'd love to hear your feedback on 6nomads.
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Love the idea of hiring sprints to get tech talent working faster!
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@6nomads @eulerr I have been wanting to build something similar for a long time. Just singed up, will provide more feedback later. All the best
Love the platform! Any roadmap for adding digital marketing roles?
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@lachlankirkwood Yes. Launching in September. I can notify
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@eulerr Thanks! Looking forward to it.
Hey! One of the first users of this project, the team is great and always ready to help, they take any feedback seriously and put it into action! Its a very important niche too! All The Best!
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@jaybee007 thank you for being with us! That means a lot.
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Great product for startups and big companies. Very quick, responsive, easy to use.
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Are there going to be marketing jobs in the future? Would love to work from Tahiti via 6nomads.
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@petr_martyuk I’ll notify. Launching in September
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