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6designers helps startups find and hire talented remote designers for full-time work who, due to their locales, cost half the price. This is one of the rare cases where the difference in price has nothing to do with quality.

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Hope you will succeed guys


Easy way to look for true professionals


Enough strength to survive between other market players?

Hi, Product Hunt! ✨ Meet 6designers — a platform wherein a startup can quickly find a remote pre-vetted designer for full-time work. We believe that the future belongs to companies that do not tie their searches for employees to only one point on a map within the big world, because there are no boundaries between ideas and talent. 6designers helps companies find high-quality specialists who, due to their regions, cost half the price; the salary of an in-demand designer in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus is $50 000+, meanwhile the salary of a designer at the same level in the United States is $100 000+. This is one of the rare cases where the difference in price has nothing to do with quality. Today we’re happy to give access to all Hunters and Makers! Get free access to verified remote designers who are looking for career changes. Complete a simple registration form and look through 6 top quality candidates who have successfully passed three stages of selection. Let me know what you think about our platform. Best, Denis
@eulerr : Hey Denis, I am a designer myself and own an agency with fully remote team. I agree with you that companies that has remote work culture have upper hand in the market for the time to come. Due to various reasons, remote work won't be a want but necessity for people as well as companies to survive or to thrive. Going to give 6designers a try very soon.
This is epic, guys, very cool!

6designers are super loyal lads. They trully interested in you and your skills. Extremely helpful support, really great offers from big businesses. I can’t feel more comfy in job search than with those guys.




A little bit frustrating ux

"A closed community of designers available for hire." Why closed community? Because you don't have the designers yet? Registration form only, it's kind of frustrating.