Self-hosted analytics, heatmaps & session recordings.

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 16, 2020
66Analytics is the latest project of mine, an all-in-one self hosted tracking tool that everyone can pay for once, and have forever, including future updates.
This web product can be either taken advantage of personally or even create a SAAS with it.
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View Demo is broken. Hope you can fix it
@vladkorobov Im sorry, the demo was just updated! Should work now!
Hey everyone, AltumCode here 🤲. I am bringing you my latest project named 66Analytics, which focuses on bringing the power back to you. 66Analytics comes with features like: - Standard tracking for websites - Simple events tracking for users ( clicks, scrolls ...etc ) - Session recordings and replays - Heatmaps And many more features that you can freely check out in the demo: https://66analytics.com/demo Username: admin Password: admin It is a self hosted web product that you can install on your host, vps..etc that will give you all the power over your data as everything is stored on your server. The product is a one time purchase, 6 months of support included and free future updates. It also features a SAAS version which gives you the ability to create a new SAAS platform and start charging your users for these services. Let me know what you think!
@altumcode Your demo doesnt work. Database connection problem: Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory in /var/www/66analytics.com/public_html/demo/app/core/Database.php on line 15 The connection to the database failed ! Please edit the "app/config/config.php" file and make sure your database connection details are correct!
@peterhrnciar The demo was just updated, it should work now! Im sorry for the inconvenience!
@altumcode Self-hosted is definitely the best way to go. At least if I trust someone's website, I don't need to dig into other 3rd party services to see whether I can trust them as well. You should make the "self-hosted" feature more prominent on your landing page. Congrats, I hope you keep privacy and the right ethics in mind as you continue developing this product.
I love it, I really like this software and functionality, a very needed service and online tool.
I'm gonna try it soon, looks soooo much better than that crappy HotJar.
66Analytics, the best analytics tool on the internet. I announced all my friends about this excellent tool!