A wearable camera that uploads your daily photo story

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I wonder how other people would feel having their picture taken without their permission/without them knowing 😕
With people taking more and more photos, and remembering memories with apps like Timehop, it could be useful for some people. But there are already products out there. I would like to know the differences between 61N and Narrative Clip. How it's better than the Narrative Clip 2, another wearable camera ? Also like Ben Tossel, I am concerned about the privacy of people, the permission of taking pictures.
The thing people thought Glass did but it didn't, realized
there's a few clones out there at the moment, but still i would love one. I really just want to remember what I did yesterday / last month / whenever. research says that if we review a visual journal we can recall our memories more easily. microsoft came out with similar prototypes a decade ago called sensecam to help alzheimer's patients with their memory. this guy has been wearing one for over 5 years and published an article about "lifelogging" http://doras.dcu.ie/19998/1/FnTI... @bentossell no one wants to be recorded.. :) here are some other totally legit questions, from a 2007 article: * What part of your life is someone else’s privacy? * Is remembering a scene with your brain different from remembering with a camera? * Can the government subpoena your lifelog? * Is total recall fair? * Can I take back a conversation I had with you? * Is it a lie if a single word is different from the record? * How accurate do our biological memories have to be? * Can you lifelog children without their “permission”?