60Hz 4.0

A TV show tracker and discovery app for iOS.

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Jimmy Douglas
This is one of our favorite iOS apps built on the Trakt.tv API. In fact, this team was the FIRST to build us a mobile app back in 2011. I vividly remember running around the LAUNCH Conference that year, trying to explain the idea of a TV check-in app to people. This was before rival app GetGlue hit their peak. They went live with their newest version today, and have received some press on 9 to 5 Mac. http://9to5mac.com/2015/05/19/60... Way to go guys!
Justin NemethCo-founder, Trakt.tv
To echo @jimmydouglas, I remember talking to someone at LAUNCH about Trakt.tv and 60Hz literally went live at that moment in the app store and I handed them my phone to check it out. That was fun :)
Dineth Mendis
Hi guys, I'm one of the developers of this app. Happy to answer any queries you may have. Just a little background to go in with Jimmy and Justin's posts... When I bought my first iPhone, I kept looking for a replacement for a really awesome Android app called SeriesGuide and could not find it. So we released our 1.0 as a hobby project Suneth and I smashed out over the December holidays. We were just blown away by the (few) die hard fans we managed to earn in the process. Halfway through, Justin approached us and... what an opportunity! We rushed to make 2.0 done with Trakt support. Since then we released the app couple of more times. Today's release is our learnings of the past 4 years building apps on the iOS platform. Learnings from all the good and bad comments we get on a daily basis. I would love to mention "Don't Make Me Think" (Steve Krug) book as a source of inspiration for this latest release - going with things users understand the most. Hopefully we made a difference and improved our offering significantly this time around. We're planning to have more OS level features like Today Widgets and Apple Watch support, more robust notifications and quite excited in coming up with new ways to collaborate and communicate with friends and family with your TV obsession :).