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I'm excited to announce that today 60dB launches. This is the project I've been involved with post-Product Hunt Podcasts. We've created an app that makes it easy to find short-form audio to listen to during your commute (while also making it possible to find the standard podcasts you know and love). I'll let the co-founders take it from here, happy to answer any questions! https://medium.com/@60dB/introdu...
I've been beta testing this for a while! It's like the HYPER of Audio!
Afraid to commit to an hour (or longer) podcast? Don't have the time, attention to commit hours every week to catching up on the podcasts you missed? 60dB might be perfect for you - listen to short stories, interviews, smart analysis and commentary. Cover 10 topics instead of one. Don't worry, if you have all the time in the world we have all your favorite podcasts too.
I've been a beta tester, and it's a great app. Perfect for a shorter commute, when you may otherwise listen to radio. I especially like how it takes the curation mental overload out of the picture — you open the app and listen, and it learns over time what you like. Nice job launching!
Guys, congrats on the launch! The app is super slick and intuitive. I love how the media player toolbar appears above the full-screen media player when you swipe down on it. Subtle flourishes like that reinforce to me that you guys really care about creating a unique and awesome product, and I think you've more than succeeded. I also appreciated that selecting my interests during onboarding was a breeze and I was able to start listening to engaging content right away. Great work and good luck!