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Reminds me of Call Frank. I used it for a week before I churned. Perhaps I'm not the right user, although I'd love a public version of this. Maybe this is a feature that could exist in Anchor. 🤔 cc @mignano @mayafish
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@rrhoover @mignano @mayafish Hey Ryan, definitely similar to Call Frank, but there's a few things that we do differently that might help you stick to the habit! 1) Longer audio recording times (up to a maximum of 6 minutes/day) 2) Better transcription quality (we do some fun audio transcoding in the background to make this happen) 3) Flashback emails (ex. "Here's what you were doing on this day last week/month/year") 4) Emotion tagging / sentiment analysis are (on the roadmap) 5) Integration with Instagram/Google Photos to bring in photos/videos and display them next to your entries (on the roadmap) Any particular reason you churned?
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@kbyatnal @rrhoover @mignano @mayafish I churned mainly due to the fact that I an not available every night at the same time. Then I wasn't answering calls and never got a chance to call back.
@nhuebecker @rrhoover @mignano @mayafish Hmmm...would calling ahead of schedule work?
@rrhoover daily logging is not a habit that our brains put it in a auto pilot mode. That's why you churned. I am guessing this. Behavioral science and how our brains think, need to be taken into account for designing these apps. Otherwise, they will disappear pretty soon. Here is an article that explains in great detail https://medium.com/swlh/a-behavi...
@kbyatnal yea, I used call frank for a week too, before giving up. Not available at the same time everyday is important, but also I didn't have a clear theme or goal for "what did I want to remember". I could imagine if I was a founder maybe I'd want to tell frank the status of my startup every day, but that's not me. So, for me it's the question... could it give me some other ideas? I only occasionally have an answer to "what do you want to remember about today?"
Hi guys, founder here! I’m currently a student at Duke University and I built 60 Seconds Everyday because I realized how much I've already forgotten about my time in college. I fear that most people end up forgetting 90% of their lives. Imagine being able to look back on your life and see exactly what you did on any given day - that's the goal I set out to achieve with 60 Seconds Everyday. And being a student, I'm constantly busy and don't always have the time (or remember) to pull out my journal each night and document my day. I figured there were other people out there who struggled with this issue and it turns out I was right. There's a free 2-week trial for Product Hunters, so please try it out! I'd love to hear how your first call goes :D I'll be around to answer questions from the PH community Edit: Even though the service only supports US/Canada numbers (for now), there's an email signup on the homepage that gives you instructions on how to use the service if you have an international #
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@kbyatnal the price points seem a little steep... I can buy Day One for $5 for life... how did you test/validate your pricing model? BASIC $ 5.99 MO 60 second recording time Flashback emails Fully transcribed recordings Search-able archive PRO $ 9.99 MO 5 minute recording time Flashback emails Fully transcribed recordings Search-able archive
@chrismessina We have recurring monthly costs (Twiliio, Speech transcription, etc) so the pricing model was made taking this into account. In return, we do a GREAT job at solving a very different problem from other journaling apps out there - those apps are about journaling and we're all about taking the hassle OUT of journaling :) (If you've ever bought a journaling app only for it to collect dust, then you know exactly what I'm talking about)
@kbyatnal looks interesting
@kbyatnal I use Day One almost daily.
@kbyatnal @chrismessina DayOne price has now increased to $25/year 💸
Love your landing page. I have to test it out before signing up for anything. 🤕
@dredurr I get that. I wish I could let you test it without signing up, but we still need your phone number to call 😞
Exactly the app I was looking for while traveling. Keep forgetting to write my journal, so this is gonna be so helpfull! Edit: Ahh, US only 😭
@dannypostmaa For now (sorry 😭 )! If you can't wait, sign up for the international users email list (on the home page) and you'll get some nifty instructions on how to get started right away!
@kbyatnal @dannypostmaa could you do a WhatsApp or Messenger call abroad? I'm in Sweden..
@kbyatnal I built something similar but it was SMS based because I was more of a texter than caller. It failed due to numerous reasons, my learnings: - Twilio costs were high and started charging too late so users dropped off, people liked using it but were not willing to pay for it - Flashback emails and texts were a big hit and kept users coming back, it was the reward for developing their daily habit (OnThisDay last week and weekly summary email) - it was focused on "favorite moment of the day", people tended to like the specific question rather than "how was your day" I loved using it and it was so simple, but now I use Day One consistently and it seems to solve all my problems. Feel free to check out the landing page, not much else works: http://TextTaylor.io