6 Seconds

The entire world of radio in a powerful personal jukebox

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Internet radio is neglected and I fear music fans are losing interest so I thought I'd invent an entirely new way to experience the amazing ease of use and breadth of net radio. We've turned the entire world of radio into a personal jukebox. The funnest part is song hunting where users can search for their specific song favorites playing anywhere in the radio world in under a second! Our goal is to re-energize music fans to internet radio by giving them more control than ever before. Glad to hear your thoughts and feedback Hunters!
Wow this is pretty cool! You can search for artists en genres and find awesome radio stations to listen to. The app also has a powerful search capability that helps users find a specific song or artist to play. In under a second, users can scan 100,000 (!!) online radio stations for a specific song or artist. If located, they can tune into the broadcast with a simple click on the title which will connect them directly to that station. @mp3michael is the maker, he can tell you more :)
@mp3michael I see huge value for radio stations here – they need listeners! But why is this good for listeners? I can search for songs on any platform. Spotify as an example, I can listen offline and without ads. Looking forward to watching your TWISt episode later today.
@thomasmeagher the free mobile version of Spotify is crippled compared to the desktop. There's a hard limit of 5 skips and there's no search to play ay a specific song. The Spotify experience for non- subscribers is worse than Pandora because you can't just change stations to get more skips. Their limit of 5 is inescapable.
@mp3michael agree! Spotify and Pandora aren't great and I hate ads so I use a cocktail of Hype Machine, SoundCloud, and my aging iTunes library.
I don't see myself replacing this in lieu of other music apps I use like Spotify, 8tracks, last.fm, etc, but I can see myself hopping in this when I get bored of one app and want to discover new music. The radio isn't dead! 🎵
I just watched @Jason's interview with @mp3michael on TWiST.
Very interesting conversation about the music industry and (less expectedly) the changing work economy.