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Dave DurandMaker@daved · CEO, Forest Giant
Thanks Jason. Brevity is key in today's world - especially in the startup world where ideas are abundant. We are inundated with information - this makes us stay on point. Everyone wins. I go into more detail of how we got started in the Medium post. Enjoy.
Dan Siegel@realmandan · Business Growth, Raizlabs
@daved nifty app, well done. i'm kind of obsessed with understanding when "less is more" versus when "less is dangerous." like, a lot of times detail and nuance are pretty critical to properly understanding an idea/product/message. other times details ruin the message, like in ads. what do you think is the main use-case for 5Slides? what messages will people use it to convey?
Dave DurandMaker@daved · CEO, Forest Giant
@realmandan @daved Thanks! Big believer in less is more. Sure, there may be a time that you need elaborate charts to demonstrate your financial model. 5Slides is not for that. It is for the elevator pitch. Enabling you, the user, to condense your idea down to its core - a quite invigorating exercise. The outcome is something that is easily consumable by your recipient. In our preliminary validation process, we found that Accelerators, VCs and Angels loved the idea of getting a 5Slides. Time is money, and 5Slides ensures that you save it. We have also had interest from corporate entities, journalists and real estate agents in using 5Slides for marketing and various communications.
Jason DainterHunter@jasondainter · International doer of things
I really liked the UX of this app, and the general notion of communicating concepts in a visual way limited to 5 slides. Would love to hear your story on this @DaveD
todd balsley@toddba · Happiness at Buffer