5K Runner

Personal running coach for your pocket

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I finally started running again thanks to this app. Good work @bennyshaviv.
@benln Thanks for hunting us Ben! Hi Product Hunters, I'm Benny the CEO and Founder of Fitness22. Today is a very exciting day for us because we're launching our most popular app on iOS, 5K Runner, for the first time ever on Android (Hooray!). Our mission has always been to help people live happier and healthier lives. Incorporating fitness into you life is crucial, but it's often hard to find the time to workout or even commit to making the change. We've tried our best to make simple and manageable workout routines that anyone can do. If you, or someone you know, has been trying to get in shape, or even just get off the couch, tell them about us :D We're a startup and constantly looking for new ideas and suggestions. If you have any, post them here, or feel free to send me a personal email at benny.shaviv@fitness22.com or post them in the comments! Happy hunting and have a great workout!
@bennyshaviv good luck Benny and team!!
Love this app, respect @bennyshaviv
@shyrosenzweig Thanks very much! What is your favorite workout these days?
@bennyshaviv @shyrosenzweig Running & Friday soccer with the gang
@shyrosenzweig Nice! You're definitely not a stranger to jogging!
This is a great app that got me moving! Love the UI.
@liatmord Thanks so much! Have a great run!
I'm not really the running type, but this looks cool. I like the gradual approach to getting to 5K.
@theaarontaylor Thanks! That's great to hear!
Amazing app to get you start moving and keep going. I LOVE it, it saved my life!
@kobaiko Wow! That's great to hear! Adding fitness is so important, a few minutes a day (or 30 minutes 3x per week like in 5K Runner) can make such an incredible impact on your life, confidence and outlook!