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I was playing with this last night. The UI is super clean and unique. The hold-to-promote is creative but its unclear what it does. The product is intentionally very barebones but the biggest thing missing, imho, is feedback. Once I post something, it goes into a black hole. Also has similarities to @Popcorn_Ryan's Popcorn Messaging ( and Whisper (
The hold to promote is actually a like. They designed it like that to not arbitrarily like posts and to like something means you really like it. I'm sure in future iterations this will affect the type of content you view in the algorithm. I think the feedback isn't there (yet) because it's based on anonymity. Only thing the app captures is UID and location.
Welcome, @muneeb_bokhari! What was your inspiration for Shortwave?
Hi Ryan, Thanks for the warm welcome! We created shortwave to explore relationships between people and physical spaces. We basically want to create a conversation between an individual and the individuals surroundings.
@muneeb_bokhari - few consumer social products have been successful focusing on location as the primary connection point/context. That's what makes me so interested in this product and Popcorn Messaging. What's the most interesting or unexpected behavior you're seeing in the app?