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This is Viral, co-founder and maker of 500 Miles. Last June, I co-founded a company with @muralisa to build a mobile app that helps young professionals discover companies at the cusp of breaking out into successful organizations, and get hired by them. I'm passionate about this cause as it is a market inefficiency that results in much underemployment and affects the careers of many young professionals. We launched the app in July this year and it is being used by students across 500+ campuses nationwide already. Employers like ThoughtSpot and Egnyte are using it to hire candidates from MIT, UIUC, Georgia Tech & Purdue. All-in-all, it has been quite gratifying to see it all come together. We're already hard at work to submit version 1.1 with some great new capabilities but are of course thankful for every feedback we can get as early as possible!
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@robcromer @viral_kadakia Thanks Rob. Appreciate your vote of confidence in the product.
Although this isn't the primary use case or purpose of Mattermark, many use this for job hunting. cc @daniellemorrill @andysparks
@rrhoover 500 Miles + Mattermark = dream team @daniellemorrill
@rrhoover but mattermark is fairly pricey. Cost effective alternative for job hunting crunchbase + advanced search operators. Maybe I'm missing something?
If you care about gender diversity in the tech industry, we have analyzed that information for 800+ tech companies. Check out our leaderboard here and download the app if you'd like to see some great recruiting related insights. http://blog.500miles.io/2015/10/...
500 Miles mentioned in the press for the same: http://www.ibtimes.com/tech-dive...
@viral_kadakia This seems like companies with the highest % female... which isn't the same as gender diversity. Unless I'm reading it wrong, why is StitchFix, at 84% female, leading the gender diversity board? Sorry to nitpick! Cool product... wish there was a web app version
@jeremyz123 @viral_kadakia Jeremy, true that. Maybe we should have called it Top Female Hiring Employers chart. Although in the tech world, the reverse is almost unheard of (which is what makes companies like StitchFix different).
@jeremyz123 Hi Jeremy, we now have a web app version :) https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
How do you measure culture of a company? Here's one take on it. http://blog.500miles.io/2015/10/...
Very cool product, wish I had something like this when I graduated from college. Would have been quite useful b/c no where on college campuses (at least when I was in school '02-06) were they teaching you to look for high growth companies to work for as the best way to launch your career.
@sidviswanathan Thanks Sid. Appreciate your feedback. Yes, that's exactly what students from across top-tier universities nationwide are telling us. Check out the details of our talk to Michigan, Ann Arbor students last month. http://www.slideshare.net/vkadak...
@sidviswanathan And the positive response was similar from many other schools including Harvard, MIT, Penn, Columbia, UIUC, Purdue, Northwestern and Indiana Bloomington.
@viral_kadakia What are the answers to Trivia questions on Slide 17?
@sidviswanathan In the app :) Check out the various "Stacks"
@viral_kadakia @sidviswanathan love the concept - would you be interested in coming to Vanderbilt and talking to students?