500 error

Your server can crash anytime. Don't miss important leads!

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Simple concept, but super valuable. Love it.
@yo Thank you. We basically tried to solve our own problem. We wrote a medium article about this product. https://medium.com/pitchcard/why...
Another great product from @lailo_ch and @susu_garcia !
@james_osullivan @susu_garcia Thanks James for beta testing and your feedback. 👏
Nice idea! I like notification process. Cool for users. And with an extra dose of memorable marketing. Does it work only for 5xx status codes ? What about 4xx ? Good luck!
@ivanlucansky Thank you. It works as well with 4xx errors and some people use it even as an MVP.
So, u basically catch all 400+ error codes and redirect to a custom error page which gives an impression of an MVP and u can also capture leads? How does it work, if the user is an existing repeat user? How does it work, if the server is down?
@sridhar_kondoji We don't catch 400 nor 500 error for other services, we offer a pages witch can catch leads while your server is down(5XX error) or if something is wrong with the request (4XX error). You can setup this custom generated error page on your own sever for 4XX and 5XX errors. We have instruction for Heroku, Github Pages, Wordpress, TYPO3, Apache, Nginx, and more.