500 Coins

A forever changing list of the Top 500 Cryptocurrencies

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Latest instalment to the 500 crew....Mubs is at it again! This time crypto inspired (what else?!)
@bentossell Thanks for the hunt Ben! I've been surprised how quickly blockchain has blown up, and was really surprised that there nearly 1000 crypto currencies. 500 Coins is an effort to rank the coins based on their market cap or daily trade volumes, I think this is a good indication of the health of the market for that coin. Announcement post: https://medium.com/@mubashariqba... AMA 😁
@mubashariqbal nice going! How do you see 500coins compared to coincap.io?
@ernstmul As with a lot of these kind of things, the interface matters 😁 They are both trying to do the same thing, but I like to be able to see more coins on the screen at a time! I do like the idea of live updates, but don't know how useful it would be in the website of this purpose.
@mubashariqbal great job as always Mubs
@mburns87 Thanks!
Suggestion: Let's celebrate adoption over speculation and sort them by monthly transaction count?
@ernopp Thanks, I'll see if I can extract this data!
Gooooo Litecoin!!
NICEEEEEE!!!! This is stellar!
Off Topic: Many believe Ripple shouldn't be listed by cap since not only premined, but majority of coins locked up by the team. I'd like to see Litecoin rightfully put in 3rd place.