500 Brunches

Meet like-minded people who share your interests over brunch

#5 Product of the DayOctober 12, 2014
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guys guys guys. not to get all tony robbins on your asses, but brunches have changed my life and they can change yours. I've made some amazing friends (+Childish Gambino came to our last one!) http://cmxhub.com/7-essential-mo... this company should give me equity as an advisor/spokesman/guru ;). i haven't said that about any other company on PH. Eric - you know me well bro.
@eriktorenberg I would love to talk with you further (I am the founder). I just read your post and could not agree with you more about brunch being the ideal setting to get to know people well. I just went to one today and met some awesome people!
Interesting idea and name! Brunches are quite nice. I've heard that PH holds brunches occasionally.
@thomasmeagher I believe Quibb used brunches early on in their community building
@EAWharton We learned from them!
@thomasmeagher thanks! I know, I would love to learn more from PH's experiences for sure.
Don't love the copy on the landing page (VIP makes me feel kind of icky, friendly brunch makes me feel friendly/fun). Also don't love the binary gender options.
@willimholte thanks for the feedback, will definitely take that into account.
@juliekrafchick Cool! I didn't mean them to sound overly critical, it's just that those two points made it seem less welcoming to me.
@willimholte Np at all. feedback (good and bad) is always welcome and appreciated.
Do this many people eat brunch? Am I unaware of the significance of brunch? ...should I be eating brunch? I'm Ron Burgandy?
@UXAndrew yes :) haha this is great. We are also looking into expanding to happy hours too, but as @eriktorenberg mentions, brunch is a great platform to get to know people well in a short period of time.
@juliekrafchick Brunch doesn't exist where I live :-) ...like literally it isn't a word...
@UXAndrew interesting. where are you located?
I am in love with the concept behind this @juliekrafchick is fantastic