Lordicon is a package of +500 interactive, animated icons to help your project stand out and make a long-lasting impression on your users.
Icons are delivered in JSON (Lottie), GIF and Adobe After Effects formats.
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You’re the kind of hunter who’s constantly thinking about how to make your business stand out. The solution is simple - you need designs that slick out and create a pleasing aesthetic for your brand. This is where the Lordicon steps in. Our icons will awe your users, adding a beautiful touch of care to your web or mobile project. Each icon is delivered in various formats: JSON Lottie, GIF and Adobe After Effects with dynamic color & stroke adjustment options. This project was a labor of passion and found it’s way to the ProductHunt launch by 2 years of early mornings, weekends, and holidays. Although I was a team of one on the visuals, this project wouldn’t have found its launch without Marcin Baszczewski (development), Michał Kankowski (marketing) and many others that helped me release the live version of this product. However, this is not the end of the Lordicon journey. I adopted a new morning routine which bases on creating new icons every day - Hunters, this means updates are coming sooner than you think! :) Give it a try, and download 50 free icons or maybe, purchase the entire package right away! Here is the 50% OFF Product Hunt exclusive promo code: "ph729" A bunch of helpful links: Lordicon website: https://lordicon.com/ Ultimate product walkthrough video: https://youtu.be/IoGznzxEs-0 Lordicon Wordpress Plug-in: https://lordicon.com/wordpress-p... 50% OFF purchase link: https://gumroad.com/l/lordicon/p... Thank you for your support! Tom Wilusz
I love these! They’re so playful.
@ross_baltimore1 Thank you - so glad to read that! :)
These guys are awesome, I love their work. Got it today!
@tomasz_wilusz congrats on your launch! Locking forward to use some of these pretty icons! 🚀
@norbertjurga Wow! Thanks 💖 Would love to see your end product with our icons! :)