$5 Site Movers

Secure and Easy Site Migration

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Does this only work for static websites, or does it also transfer databases / install required packages / etc?
@ffumarola only static websites for now
How can you offer this for this for 5$ only? Any other monetization strategies like hosting upsell or...?
@angelomilan resources are so cheap these days! Remember, it's only for static files. (I use it all the time and migrate the database by hand, still it saves me loads of time)
Something doesn't feel right about giving you my FTP username and password immediately. Additionally, the security page says you use SFTP, then FTP-S, then lastly FTP, but Step 1 never mentions SFTP or FTP-S. The navigation seems to be a bit wonky as well.
Giving Seat 25 free site moves! If you would like to move your website and you're on Product Hunt, just drop in a comment and I can set you up with a free run.
Nice and simple concept. Very useful for small businesses.