5 Minute Management

Hand-picked articles with advice to manage your business.

5 Minute Management was shut down in 2016 as part of a larger business decision. Most subscribers moved to a new newsletter that caters to leaders who work with a distributed workforce. You can subscribe to it here - madhavb.com/subscribe

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Get the very best, hand-picked articles with advice to manage your business effectively, efficiently and economically.
@neerajt4 Thanks much for hunting our curated newsletter Neeraj! How did you like our latest issue? :)
@themadbhandari It's good! Looking forward to more. :)
With so many newsletter options out there... what should entice users to sign up here? Email is a valuable asset.
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for your question. I'm one of the curators of 5 min management. We built this newsletter out of our collective experiences dealing with business managers and their problems. We found that leaders often struggled with challenges like building processes to get tasks done, becoming more effective managers without micro-managing their team, knowing about the right tools at the right time, increasing their worker productivity etc. - the challenges a manager would face in a high growth business. You can subscribe to HBR, Medium & all those other management newsletters out there and try to sort through relevant content, OR you could subscribe to one newsletter that sends the top picks from different platforms every two weeks. This will free up some time to spend on actually implementing those strategies (the more important goal!). What makes 5 min management different from other management email newsletters - 1) Each issue is themed around a specific business challenge. So consider each issue like a chapter of a book made for you. 2) Personalized newsletter - We ask our subscribers about what issues they're facing and try to find a solution for them in the future newsletters. 3) Most of the articles that we share in the newsletter take < 5 mins to read and are filled with actionable content. A bit about the curators - We both have unique experiences while working with virtual teams. I've been part of the core team of two high-growth SaaS companies while @rgo_go has led the marketing efforts of a winery, non-profit and a B2B startup. We're only 4 issues old, so we're still improving it based on feedback. Our end goal is to provide the best handpicked business advice to you in under 5 mins. I'd love to hear feedback from the PH community on how we can improve this newsletter.