5 minute feature

Ship and share on the clock

5 minute feature is a way to time and share your feature work

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Hey 👋, 5 minute feature is a countdown timer that prompts you to tweet when you're done. This started as a bit of a joke with Ethan (@booligoosh ) of KanbanMail (+ more), since he was live-tweeting as he added some features to his 24hr startup winning project. I've been watching as people create products and launch them to tight deadlines recently (24hr startup + ProductHunt maker festival). I decided to just build this is an evening + change, you can see the complete unedited story in this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/hugo__df/sta.... One of my motivations was just showing myself I've still got it in me to ship something a bit random. It's totally raw and barebones but I hope you enjoy it and use it as motivation to release that next feature. Hugo
@hugo__df Congrats on the launch!! I believe that adding lots small features in 5-10 minutes over time (or even up to an hour for slightly bigger tasks) is a really great way to stay motivated, and you will end up with an awesome product!! Although obviously doing some bigger tasks every now and then too...