5 Ideas A Day Ebook

What happens when you come up with 5 ideas for 365 days?

5 Ideas A Day Ebook. What happens when you come up with 5 ideas for 365 days?

What's included:

πŸš€ 1825 ideas

πŸ’‘ Tips and advice for generating ideas

πŸ“ Mockup of ideas

❀️ Bonus 220 ideas

πŸ“š A list of books I read throughout this journey

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Love this. Takes the "but I don't have a good idea" excuse out of the equation πŸ˜ƒ
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@lenmarkidan you're too kind Len πŸ˜ƒ
Super valuable! I come up with ideas all of the time but I've never been bold enough to release them to the world (just incase I decide to take action on them down the road) so salute to you! Maybe I should just say fuck it and challenge myself to keep innovating πŸ€” (thinking out loud here lol ) Edit: Decided to go on ahead and make www.twitter.com/dailybreaddd for daily ideas :)

I think that this book is very useful to any entrepreneur, designer or any creative person.


Beautiful design, 1825 solid ideas.



Thank you Brian, I really appreciate that.
@delahuntagram One more question, please. The ideas you will send to the email thru subscription, are those ideas from the book, are they are fresh ones? thank you!
@simasimic1 Great question Sima :) All ideas are brand spanking new.
@delahuntagram I have purchased the book, but there is a problem with subscription. The form stuck when I try to subscribe. White ball just bouncing up and down... :) I have tried 5 times already...
@simasimic1 Hey Sima, have you paid for the subscription or just the book. Maybe try deleting your cookies and trying again. Let me know if that works.
@delahuntagram First I tried to make a subscription. When I saw thats not working, I bought the book and after that tried again few times to make a subscription. Already cleared the cookies and everything but the same story again.
@simasimic1 Ok let's take this off here, can you screenshot what's on your screen and email me delahund @ gmail . com
"You're the best!" Haven't even started reading I'm already happy :)
@oschebella This is a great testimonial :D