4x6 Prints

Print to Walgreens in under 10 seconds from your iPhone

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Cory Shaw
co-founder & CTO of LeafOps
4x6 Prints is a dead simple way to send photos from your iPhone to Walgreens in under 10 seconds. No registration, no payment in app. Select the photos you want, hit print, pick up at Walgreens in an hour. Pay with Apple Pay. I love apps that do one thing great, and this is definitely one of those apps! 4x6 Prints was made by the same folks who brought you Photobucket, Lasso, FlickPad, and many other great photo apps.
Chad Podoski
Father, Maker: OpenSpot
@coryshaw Thanks for hunting 4x6 Prints. 4x6 Prints was born out of frustration I had when trying to print some photos off my iPhone for my sons school. All the apps I tried had registration, clunky performance, and/or long workflows. I wanted to make an app that was as close as possible to 'select a photo, tap print, done'. After exploring a bunch of printers I settled on Walgreens since they don't require registration, don't require payment at time of order, and they have stores everywhere in the US. Another small enhancement that users won't notice is around coupons. While marketing print coupon codes is the number one way to drive print revenue, the extra step of having to enter coupon codes really annoyed me. As such, we transparently apply the best coupon available for all orders (currently 20% off the entire order).