4th Block

Videos that help you sell more on instagram

4thBlock helps marketers create beautiful animated Instagram stories in less than 2 minutes. No design skills required. No need to learn after effects. Just select a template, replace with your product photos and text and click download.
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Congrats on the launch Udaya and Gaurav! Does it work well with e-commerce stores only or have you seen other interesting use cases as well?
@jindalish Thanks a lot Ish. E-commerce does contribute majority of our sales, but there are a few completely fascinating use cases have come up, recently we were approached by a wedding planning agency to create custom story templates for the bride and groom. With enough demand we are planning to make a few such templates available our customers.
Hello Hunters! We have been getting some amazing feedback on the product from you guys. We couldn't be happier. Exclusively for product hunt users we are extending a full year plan at a flat one time rate of 49$. You will be able to create 100 animated instagram style story videos every month for a full year. Here is the link https://the4thblock.com/ph-offer

Simple and powerful product to make videos for Instagram Ads.


Easy to use, Lots of Video Templates to choose, Beautiful design.


Can't think of any

The product looks promising. Uday, have you considered using Canva-type commodity pricing where the user pays for a specific element they want to include in the video? Because, with subscription, the user needs to trust the developer that they will keep adding new templates that fit their theme.
@anand_sriniv Thanks for your feedback. We did evaluate element based pricing but decided to go in for a flat subscription since our audience need to post stories regularly on a daily basis and we felt charging them on a per element basis would turn out to be expensive for them and hence we went in for a flat rate with unlimited videos. When it comes to developing new templates we are working on actively making our users part of decision making, where in they will vote on to decide which templates they would want in on a Bi-weekly basis.
@udprakash That makes sense. Great job on the product and good luck :)
Hey makers! Congrats on the launch. Is it possible that I upload a link of my product page and the tool can fetch the photos automatically? This way a lean marketing team can create a daily batch of videos and upload to instagram stories.
hi @tanish2k, this sounds like a great idea, this will make life easy for a lot of marketing folks. We will try to build this into 4thBlock