YouTube does not support 4K playback in Safari for Mac. This extension shows a 4K badge in the toolbar if a YouTube video you watch offers quality higher than 1080p. Click the toolbar icon to open the video in another web browser and enjoy it in full 4K glory.
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I often watch tech videos and reviews on YouTube in Safari. More than a few times I thought – “Hey, I wonder if this video is in 4K. That would be nice”. Then I open it in Chrome and sure, some of them are 4K and you wouldn’t even know. Mind you, I don’t have a 4K TV, but these videos look sharper and more detailed on any Mac with Retina display. That’s how I came up with this extension for Safari on Mac. It lets you know if a YouTube video has quality higher than 1080p and shows a badge in the toolbar. Then you can click to open the page in another web browser or media player that does support VP9 video codec (that is – any major browser, except for Safari). Bonus Feature: click to open *any* page in another browser. Useful when developing sites or dealing with pages that don’t work well in Safari.