A beautiful app to learn four great English words every day

4Cards is an vocabulary App to learn great words to sound smarter during presentations, meetings & social gatherings. 4Cards teaches just 1 word at a time, 4 words in a day, which means a person can learn 1400+ great words in an year. 4Cards App also shows the meaning of the words in native language of the user for better memorisation of words.

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Hey Everyone, We built 4Cards as part of a hackathon where it was awarded best UI/UX title! Later we added more features and released it on play store. We've seen a lot of vocabulary apps but the problem is they throw in a big list of words which most people will go through but still don't remember them the next day. So we built 4Cards with the concept of learning just 4 words a day which get unlocked at specific timings so that the user will read only one word at a time. Then there's assessment quiz, native language translations, and word pronunciation using Text to speech. Did we mention that the cute minion will pronounce the word when clicked on it? Give it a try and you'll love it!
Kinda like it. Will give it a try.
@robert_melkonyan We are glad that you liked it. Thanks :)
iPhone mockup but android app?? LOL
@douglasevaristo Designed that it in a hurry 😜 We'll change it
Good one ranjith. All the best
iOS coming?
@varna We'll be releasing on iOS soon along with more features based on the feedback. It's built with React Native so all set!
@varna @ranjithkumar10 Is there a timetable for when we can expect that iOS version? I have Android devices I can install this on but daily driver is an iPhone and would love to carry around this app with me, looks great.
@arthurgd3 We haven't decided yet but most probably within a month! I'll send you a special invite once it's released on iOS πŸ˜„