43 Layers

Teespring for event decorations and gifts

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Thanks Tristan! Hey guys! 43Layers lets anyone create their own custom decorations and gifts for any occasion, whether it is a wedding, corporate event or a Product Hunt Glasshole Kitty themed holiday party ;) Simply use our self -serve, drag and drop tool, like a Teespring for any physical product, OR work directly with a designer to bring your idea to life. We can make these products in quantities as small as one because we are using 3D printing and laser cutting. Material options include a variety of woods, plastics, ceramic, porcelain, steel finishes and precious metals. Check out our new holiday shop, play around with our ornament customizer and let us know what you think! You might notice a familiar face 😻😻😻. Thanks again everyone! All questions and feedback are appreciated.
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Such a great idea. I wish it had existed when I was planning my wedding. I've seen a bunch of products produced via 43Layers and they were all really nice.
Whether you need custom laser-cut design or 3D printing, 43Layers allows you to do this at scale. I've seen everything from custom stir sticks to jewelry created, including Product Hunt coasters.
This is cool! 2 questions: 1) Why is it called 43 layers? 2) What is the coolest thing you've seen someone make using your service?
@pitdesi We are just finishing up a cake topper order for a couple that met online in an MMORPG with stylized anime-ish characters. Their cake topper is basically going to be full-color 3D printed versions of their avatars. The designer did a great job capturing the right look, and I think it's cool that we can recreate something so off-the-wall and personal to the couple.
@pitdesi one of my favorite projects we've done is a large set of CNC machined wooden cutouts of these lamb heads that a user wanted to make in order to paint and sell. It's a great example of how our service can enable creatives in ways that were traditionally near impossible, and are still difficult for the non-technical artist to access.
@pitdesi thanks Sheel! 1) A couple things went into the name. Our beachhead is weddings and events so we liked how Layers plays into both 3D printing (made layer by layer) and weddings (layer cake). Also, Jeff Bezos chose the name Amazon in part to show up at the top of lists, so we one-upped them - turns out numbers come before the letter A in lists ;) Finally, we looked at layers.com, but that was a 6 figure domain name so we added a number to the front of it and it was $9.99! The number 43 is one that is meaningful to me, blog post to come. Stay tuned. 2) My personal favorite is a gag gift made by @writerpollock to a colleague with the last name Yoo. Mr. Yoo is very well liked and so Tristan decided to make a necklace to celebrate the Yoo crew, also known as the Yoo Tang Clan:
@tjross2411 @pitdesi in love with this chain.
Awesome products and a great holiday gift!
@aaaisms thanks Anurag! I think we need some Junior Explorers animal themed ornaments: https://www.43layers.com/product...