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Stephan Kuehr
Stephan Kuehr@stephan_kuehr · CEO
Hello guys, Stephan here, the CEO of 3YOURMIND. We are really happy and excited to launch our product on Product Hunt today! 3YOURMIND presents an easy and convenient way to order industrial 3D printed models online. When you upload your 3D files to our platform they are automatically analyzed and optimized to assure their printability. This way you don’t waste your time and money with unprintable files. You can then compare prices and delivery times of many professional 3D printing services, and choose from more than 150 different materials and finishes. To assure that the printing services deliver the high quality that your designs deserve, we test every printing service before allowing them on our platform. This mix between price comparison and printability assurance is unique to the industry. In our app you can also find a 3D viewer with intuitive navigation and helpful features to align, measure and inspect your models. All user interfaces are responsive and designed to work on any device. In conclusion, 3YOURMIND offers easy access to professional 3D printing for even highly complex 3D-prints. All data transfers are encrypted by SSL. Data at rest are encrypted with the EAS-256 algorithm and stored securely. We’re really curious to learn what you would use 3D Printing and 3YOURMIND for. And we hope, that you like our product - invest in your idea, not in expensive 3D printers! You would love to test our service, but you don’t have a 3D file available? No problem, here is a bottle opener with the product hunt logo. Ready to print for you (it works best printed in steel) https://app.3yourmind.com/u/53e3... Also: we have the worlds only 3D printing comparison API - so developers: talk to me! Stephan
Alana Tesfaye
Alana Tesfaye@alana_tesfaye · Public Relations
This looks super cool. I've always been interested in 3d printing. I have a few pieces now and I am so impressed with the quality, they are quickly becoming my favorite. The team and the experts there are incredible too!
Danny Holtschke
Danny Holtschke@dannyholtschke
Thanks for sharing the link Philipp. Good luck!