Unlimited Subscription Plan for Tested 3D printable Designs

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Jeremie Berrebi
Investor/Entrepreneur, 300+ investments
For all the people who have no idea what to do with their 3D Printer ;-)
Michael BlochMichael Bloch, Senior partner, McKinsey
This is very cool, high-quality designs, quality assurance, modern-looking store, all-you-can-eat-pricing. Feels like 3D Printing meets Amazon meets Netflix !! Good luck guys !
Neal Shyam
Full Stack Weirdo
solid idea (get it?)
Andreas MenzenSupporter @hoomnapp
3DShook is a high-potential product. 3D printing industry is still rising and has many application possibilities. One question from my side: You say on your homepage "We offer a fully curated, ALL EXCLUSIVE and all tested collection of designs to 3D print on your 3D printer". There should be the possibility to create and send crowd-sourced prints to you which has to be controlled first. Maybe you can create a platform for creating, printing and discussing about own designs
Happy to see consumer focused 3d printing products :) If makers are around (glad to have an opportunity to use "maker" in both of its modern meanings ^^ ): * Pitch seems to focus on the fact that there's no surprise and models will print right. This would probably appear stronger if your models include a printer compatibility list, since a model may not print as well on all printers * That's a minor point, but your editor (on "/play") could use a gif loader while booting: there's a small floating window when we wonder if it's not just that our browser can't display some advanced 3d widget * Displaying as default object in that editor something that is actually printable wouldn't hurt either ;)
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