The world's first 3D printing pen

This kid-safe 3D printing pen extrudes low heat plastic that hardens almost instantly, allowing kids to literally draw in the air!

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Here's some cool 3D doodles I came across on their Twitter feed: + + (Van Gogh!)
I really like this - you can take your drawings to another dimension (literally). Would make a great Christmas present for doodlers!
@riaface Wow! This is crazy. Definitely would make for a great gift.
I had a chance to play with http://www.creopop.com the other day and it is pretty cool. CreoPop is different as it prints with cool ink so you can print/paint on human skin, have aromatic inks etc. From my conversations with developers I understood that the killer real world applications will be soldering 2.0 with magnetic and conductive inks.