3D Printed Corgi Figurines

The Incredible 3D printed Corgi Avengers!

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Didn't realise there was such a gap in the market...
@bentossell Good call. I don't see a single female Corgi super hero in this entire collection.
@bentossell here's a huge need for this...a lot of what's slowing down economic progress and wage growth can be directly tied to corgis
@kkdub @bentossell What female Corgi hero would you like to see Kelly? I'd love to design one.
Love it, now we just need 3D printed lab figurines...
@joelle_writes Have you seen my 3D printed Tardigrade Joelle? https://www.shapeways.com/produc...
@ericho I was thinking of something more like a Labrador retriever. Mine moonlights as Batman.