3D Parallax Editor by Webydo

Craft interactive 3D animations, without code

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Kudos to @newrulesinvest for the Hunt! Always looking to bring our community the cutting edge in web design without having to code, we are extremely excited to release this 3D Parallax Editor. Based on CSS 3D transforms distributed along the x-axis, Webydo’s backend does the heavy lifting so that you can simply upload layers (video, images, typography, and pretty much anything else) for an awesome hover-activated 3D effect. We’d love to hear what you think!
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@yamre @newrulesinvest I second that.. thanks Zack :) I’m really proud of this tool and looking forward to hearing what designers think. As a company that not only thrives on the feedback of our users but also uses it to drive the platform forward, this one feels pretty special.
Looks cool, I need to use Webydo or can I paste it on templates? How does it work?
@haimpekel Hey, good question. You do need to sign up for Webydo to play around with the Editor. Once in the Studio, you simply drag and drop the 3D Parallax Editor onto your canvas where you will then be able to edit layers, intensity of 3D effect, opacity and the H/V in a Properties window. We have a nice GIF showing how it works here: http://3d-parallax.webydo.com/ Let me know if you need any help trying it out!
@reder_c Thanks for the fast response, will try :)
@haimpekel No problem.. we'll be hanging out here all day :)
Looks amazing, Loving it
@kobaiko Thanks man, would love feedback if you get a chance to try it out!
Looks amazing. Can't wait to give it a try.
@sageeb Sweet :) So happy to hear. Let us know when you do.
Good luck!