3D Hubs HD

High definition local 3D printing

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3D Hubs is a network of over 23,000 3D Printers, providing local access to 3D Printing in over a 155 countries. Think Airbnb for 3D Printing. With the key patents for industrial printing having expired this year a new wave of machines are arriving. Instead of paying 200,000 dollars an industrial quality printer they can now be picked up for as little as 5K-20K USD. We expect these printers to change the landscape of manufacturing even further than the first wave of desktop machines. Therefore were launching 3D Hubs HD, a platform to accommodate these industrial quality printers. Unlocking a wide range of new material and quality options that will challenge centralized 3D Printing providers on quality, speed and price. We’re really curious to learn what you would use 3D Printing and 3D Hubs HD for.
Absolutely awesome. Love 3D Hubs. Got such a bright future ahead. Had the pleasure of meeting @briangarret and @bram_zwart at @balderton truly incredible guys with insane market knowledge! Sky is the limit for 3D Hubs!
@harrystebbings Thanks for the kind words Harry!
Great new addition to the 3D Hubs Platform! @bram_zwart can tell you more :)
This may have just changed my life. Already found a bunch by my house.
3D printing will quite soon disrupt the manufacturing business globally, and the experience of the 3D Hubs team plus its strong positioning in the market will make it a leader in this (r)evolution. Thumbs up!