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This is neat. Just gave the mobile app ( test run, using a video I saved from Snapchat a few weeks back (see it here: Some observations: 1) No signup is nice. Launch app and simply choose a video or create one. 2) Video uploads are fast. 3) After the video is uploaded, a link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Clever. 4) They're encouraging users to share on Reddit ( Surprised they didn't seed the subreddit with videos before launching. It's dead. Will be interesting if they can leverage this community for growth and engagement. 5) Not sure how they're going to avoid penises and self-promotion. Looks like any and all videos appear on their homepage right now. cc @willydennis @liveink @joshelman @ShaanVP
Thanks for the feedback! Just made the subreddit yesterday, plan to use it as a support/feedback forum for the community there. Many redditors want a youtube alternative for various reasons, I think this Imgur-style experiment could work if done right. We got our first penis yesterday (woo!) so will indeed have to start curating vids on the homepage.
First question! @abenzer - What's the story behind Viddme? Is this a side project or business?
@rrhoover currently a side project/experiment, but already receiving positive feedback so now diving deeper into development. I think there is growing resentment among YouTube content creators over the changes Google has recently implemented. Creators should be able to publish on their own terms. Also, I see a major fragmentation in how most people casually share video, especially on Reddit. Imgur is the one-stop, zero-friction solution for images - I think that can be done for video too. My goal is to let anyone share video with the world in one step. It's very early, so definitely looking for feedback and ideas.