Display, share and embed 360° pictures

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Nice!! Have you thought of a similar model to Dronebase for this?
Nick Coates
@gadgick · Creative developer / Tools @ Symantec
This is awesome! 👌 I've been taking a lot of 360 photos (and some videos) as part of my exploration of English Heritage sites (Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall etc.) and rather than just share on Facebook, I wanted to be able to build a page with them!
Arnaud Jardin
@arnaudjardin · Co-founder 360player.io
Hi everyone! I'm pleased to introduce you to 360player.io. Our platform makes 360° pictures easy to use online. Here is the reason: while 360 degree cameras and mobile apps are now more accessible than ever, image files are still a big problem. In order to have the full-on immersive experience with 360° pictures, you need a viewer and a way to share them o… See more
David Iwanow
@davidiwanow · Director Of Strategy, BlueGlass
Very nice!
Alexandre Perrier
Such a great platform ! I know the frustration of taking 360° pictures and not being able to enjoy their full potential. 360player.io seems to finally offer an amazing full-on immersive experience with 360° pictures