Display, share and embed 360° pictures

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Nice!! Have you thought of a similar model to Dronebase for this?
@bentossell thanks for your support! You mean a model based on selling 360 images shooting packages, right? If so, then yes we are selling packages to come and capture 360 images for our clients, but it's not advertised on the website for the moment.
@dulaccc Ahh I see, yeah thats sort of what I mean - match 360 photographers with locations to shoot.
@bentossell @dulaccc As Pierre said we provide shooting services in specific occasions. Our core business is a SaaS: users upload their own content. We focus on the platform and our viewing tech.
This is awesome! 👌 I've been taking a lot of 360 photos (and some videos) as part of my exploration of English Heritage sites (Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall etc.) and rather than just share on Facebook, I wanted to be able to build a page with them!
@gadgick Thanks Nick! We're glad it helps
Hi everyone! I'm pleased to introduce you to 360player.io. Our platform makes 360° pictures easy to use online. Here is the reason: while 360 degree cameras and mobile apps are now more accessible than ever, image files are still a big problem. In order to have the full-on immersive experience with 360° pictures, you need a viewer and a way to share them or embed them correctly. 360player.io does all that. We have built the most advanced platform to host, share and embed 360 degree images on a website: - Lightweight embed code (75KB minimized and gzipped) that can be cached forever so users can load the pictures faster than ever - Compatible with 99% of browsers and devices, even with mobile browsers not supporting WebGL. (Magic, right?) - Pipeline converting the 360 picture into the most efficient projection type - 80Mpix display - VR headset feature We hope you'll like it! 👉 https://360player.io
Very nice!
Such a great platform ! I know the frustration of taking 360° pictures and not being able to enjoy their full potential. 360player.io seems to finally offer an amazing full-on immersive experience with 360° pictures
@alexandre_perrier Thanks a lot Alexandre! What kind of camera do you use?