360 Photo To Video

Web tool for converting 360 photos into sharable videos

Convert your 360 photos into video formats for easy sharing on media platforms. Made with three.js and CCapture.js

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Hey all! 360-Photo-to-Video is an online web tool that allows you to convert your 360 photography into videos for easy sharing on social media platforms that still do not have support for 360 photos ( such as instagram ). I wanted to make a tool on web that is easy to use with a clean interface, without the need to download a desktop app. If you're interested, feel free to check out the repo @ https://github.com/sneha-belkhal... I'm also looking to add additional features to this web tool that would be helpful, so any feedback is appreciated! Best, Sneha

First of all, this is a great idea that is truly useful. I love 360 images, but have found it hard to show others.

Could reallly use some preset animations - 360 orbits in 2 seconds, easing in and out for example. Don't make me think about animation timing (and if you do make it a real animator with keyframes).

Also the format exports are weird. Where's is standard HD (1280x720, 1920x1080) or square formats? And why not .mp4, which has generally become the standard for video?


Great Idea. Can see as truly useful.


Interface and features need work. Doesn't work well on Firefox.

Hey @scharlack, I'm one of the makers on this project, and really appreciated your feedback! I definitely think preset animations are useful, I have a checkbox currently for one rotation at the selected speed, but I agree that it would definitely be useful to have a time element as well. As for the export formats, I will include those sizes as well ( square is very useful ). CCapture.js only supports exports in webm or jpeg images, I was using an ffmpeg command to convert the jpeg images to .mp4 ... I tried finding some ways to integrate this into the web tool and the only way I have come across is using ffmpeg.asm.js after the video has completed. Do you have any suggestions on how to export as .mp4 ? Thoughts appreciated, this is definitely a feature I want to implement! Best, Sneha
Link no longer works. But this one does: https://360photo-to-video.com/